Monday, December 7, 2015

Repitition in "Godzilla in Hell #3"

So here, finally, I do a follow up to the previous two "Godzilla in Hell" series. While this issue does have words they do not fulfill the role that both Groensteen and McCloud have given them; that is explain what is going on and what it is we are seeing. This issue sees Godzilla facing off against the forces of Hell and the forces of God (I think). Both sides try to get him to join with the phrase "Consume his heart! Enter his throat" for the former and "Submit! Server Peace!" for the latter.

Since there is very little variation between the two phrases we are once again forced to relay on the pictures to tell us most of the story. What these repeating phrases do tell us is that neither side is really worth fighting for. While God is God and seems to want peace, that peace seems to only be obtained through the slavery of those who might oppose it. At the same time Hell is Hell and being with it does not seem to be all that pleasant. In the end Godzilla's angry looks and his laser beams are enough to tell us that he will not pick a side and will continue to go about this on his own. Once again action seems to speak louder than words which is a running theme of the comic series, it seems. 

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